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Changing young people’s perception of their career options Changing young people’s perception of their career options

Changing young people’s perception of their career options

We worked with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to create INSPIRE, an immersive workshop experience designed to open up career options in surveying to a diverse group of students.
INSPIRE challenges students to work collaboratively and respond to a fictional brief to create a community facility at the heart of a mixed-use development. Students work with site plans, 3D models and digital technology to address a series of tasks and challenges. Each task is introduced via a short video clip of a young surveying professional. The workshops are led by a team of professional facilitators and are supported by RICS Ambassadors who attend sessions and share real-world insight into their experiences and career pathways.
The programme delivers social impact by raising the career aspirations of young people. INSPIRE shines a light upon the varied job roles within surveying and provides an opportunity for students to engage with industry professionals.
We targeted UK secondary schools with above average Pupil Premium allocations to reach disadvantaged young people from diverse backgrounds.

“Our work with EVERFI has helped us reach and engage a much more diverse group of students than has traditionally been the case. The programme really practically engages the students and raises their awareness of the vast range of opportunities that exist in our industry – there really is a role for all. I am extremely proud and delighted that the programme won the Best Student Engagement Award at MEMCOM.”
Karen Rogers – Early Engagement Manager, RICS

The programme provides students with an immersive experience, highlighting the opportunities available to them within surveying. Recent programme evaluation has shown that following the workshop, 67% of the students who took part would consider a career in surveying.