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Power up your social impact

You might call it CSR, ESG, or social purpose. We call it making a difference.

Education is a driver of social change; we use its power to create impact for adults and children – whether they’re your employees, their families, your customers, or the wider community surrounding your business.

What does my community need help with?

How can I involve my employees?

What’s the best way for my business to make a difference?

Whatever your questions, we have the expertise and the solutions to help your organisation achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), or social purpose goals. We’ve been creating and implementing education-based social impact programmes for over 25 years.

Change the world through education

From strategy to content and delivery, our team helps you create meaningful impact through your CSR, ESG, or social purpose programme.


Looking for a scalable and ready-to-market programme?

Your organisation can make rapid and meaningful impact by offering our digital, interactive courses free of cost to employees, customers, or to children in schools across the UK. Our courses cover a range of topics and are designed by education experts to create behaviour change, with built-in impact measurement.

Want a tailor-made social impact programme?

We can help you create a bespoke education offer that meets your CSR/ESG priorities. We’re experienced in understanding audiences’ needs and bringing social impact to life through digital, design, film, live events, competitions, employee volunteering, and more. We’re also experts in marketing your programme, measuring impact, and sharing the difference you’ve made.


Are you in the sport industry?

Sport brands, events, leagues, sport bodies and sponsors from across the globe have partnered with EVERFI to drive societal change and to improve the lives of young people and their communities. We combine education and the power of sport to deliver meaningful social impact.

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Start making a difference today.