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Engage employees with powerful social impact

Engaged employees happy at work

Are you looking to engage your employees through social impact initiatives? Or maybe you’re trying to minimize the admin work in tracking employee volunteering and donations, while also supporting their mental wellbeing? You wear many hats at your organisation, and we recognise you’re on a mission to make the world a better place — and that means demonstrating company values through real action.

Blackbaud, EVERFI, YourCauseSince joining Blackbaud in early 2022, we became part of a powerhouse for all your social impact needs: thanks to YourCause from Blackbaud, we can now help you make employee engagement easier and more effective — in addition to addressing social issues in your communities through education.

Here’s a glimpse of what we can help you achieve:

Empower employees to volunteer and give to the charities of their choice.

Centralise and consolidate employee volunteering initiatives, charity giving, and affinity groups in one place with software tailor-made for social impact. No more spreadsheets and time-consuming processes: with the right tools, your team can focus on amplifying your social impact. We can help you:

Employees volunteering

  • Increase engagement by making it easy for employees to take advantage of volunteering opportunities, donate to their favourite nonprofits, and join in with colleagues who care about the same causes.
  • Focus on the impact — let us worry about compliance and logistics, with global charity vetting and payment distribution.
  • Manage volunteering and matched-giving policies simply and quickly — because your team has better things to do.
  • Create bespoke volunteering opportunities that engage your employees in the issues that matter most to your stakeholders. Employees can share their knowledge with young people in the community to help across a range of topics such as financial literacy, employability skills, and health and wellbeing.

Support their favourite causes through grants and sponsorships.

Organisations giving money directly to the community make a world of difference. Our software frees up your time and makes the grant-making process easy with pre-qualification and application templates, automated workflow processes for individual or committee approvals, and integrated award and budget tracking tools. By bringing everything into one place, simplifying global payment distribution, and vetting charities across the globe, we make compliance and grant-making easy for you.

Our grants solution helps you support your employees’ favourite causes and enables programmes such as:

Innovation scholarship

  • Responding to natural disaster and war relief efforts
  • Supporting employee relief programmes
  • Community innovation or research grants
  • Scholarships for community projects
  • And so much more

Offer education for wellbeing.

Part of living your social purpose is supporting a healthy and thriving workforce. We never forget that knowledge is power; we leverage education to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed. Your organisation can offer employees free access to our short digital courses that are proven to impact their wellbeing. Support them with:

Employee wellbeing

  • Financial literacy — Money worries are a great contributor to poor mental health and low productivity. Set them up for success with knowledge about savings, budgeting, bonds, healthy financial habits, insurance, retirement planning, and sustainable investing.
  • Mental wellbeing skills — Provide trustworthy knowledge that can help avert a personal crisis, prevent chronic illness, and lead to a higher quality of life. Offer them expert guidance on managing mental health challenges, building strength and motivation, supporting loved ones, and managing stress.

Share the story of your impact.

Share your social impactDemonstrate all the good your workforce is doing in the world with the power of data. The built-in reporting functionality of our social impact solutions is evolving to make the most of responsible generative AI, consolidating impact data from all your employee engagement programmes, community and philanthropic efforts into one big picture of corporate social impact. We can even contrast your impact with benchmark industry data to help you tell your story and celebrate with your employees.


Wherever you are in your corporate social impact journey, whatever you need support for, we’re in a great position to help.

Learn more about YourCause solutions on the YourCause website.

Optimise employee engagement

Grow and simplify your social purpose initiatives.

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