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Support employees and the community with mental health skills

Mental health is increasingly a top priority for employees and employers alike. A recent survey has found that over half of UK organisations prioritise mental health in their health & wellbeing strategy1, while our own research with young adults entering the workforce uncovered that mental health and wellbeing support are a key aspect of what they look for from potential employers2. Beyond offering a healthy work environment and access to mental health care, what can businesses do to support the mental wellbeing of their staff?

The problem

Worries about personal finances, work, or other topics make it harder for people to cope with daily life, often leading to stress and poor mental health. Employers are rightly concerned and looking to support their staff with tools and knowledge to manage their mental wellbeing.

Mental health stats infographic

The reasoning

One way to prevent mental health problems is to spread awareness about the topic, reduce stigma around mental illness, and promote the development of skills for recognising and managing emotional distress3. Alongside ensuring that basic needs are met, and that people can access quality healthcare, knowledge is a powerful tool for primary prevention.

While the World Health Organisation advocates for social and emotional learning for children as a prevention strategy4, adults can also benefit from this type of education. Mental health literacy is a key strategy through which employers can help their workforce avert personal crises, prevent chronic illness, and lead happier lives.

The how

Although the internet offers a wealth of information on this topic, it can be hard to find trustworthy and helpful guidance. UK organisations wishing to promote mental health literacy among their employees or in the wider community can now offer them EVERFI’s Elevate: Mental Wellbeing digital course. Developed in partnership with mental health specialists, Elevate supports learners in acquiring knowledge and building skills to help themselves and those close to them. With a focus on proactive behaviours, the programme covers topics such as:

Screenshot from Elevate course showing a module on Coping Strategies

  • Managing mental health challenges
  • Building strength and motivation
  • Supporting loved ones
  • Managing stress

Elevate is mobile-first, interactive, and gives learners flexibility – they choose what content to engage with, and when. Organisations can customise the course platform with their own brand and message and gain helpful insights about which content is most popular among their staff, how they are using the course, or even run surveys.


With growing public awareness of the importance of good mental health, people are increasingly seeking support. By offering mental health education, your organisation can be a primary source of trustworthy knowledge and help employees acquire the skills they need to lead a healthy life.

Support your employees with mental wellbeing skills

Talk to us about bringing this course to your workforce or to your community.

Support your employees with mental wellbeing skills

Talk to us about bringing this course to your workforce or to your community.