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Help young people understand and manage their mental health

Understanding Mental Wellbeing - EVERFI Course of the month

The UK is experiencing higher-than-ever levels of mental illness, which is affecting adults, children, and teenagers. Businesses can help their communities achieve better mental health not only by supporting employees, but also their children and other young people who will enter the workforce in the next few years.

The problem

Mental health infographic

The reasoning

Research shows equipping students with knowledge and tools such as cognitive-behavioural skills improves their ability to deal with stressful situations and helps prevent mental health issues.

Those skills and knowledge are often not taught at home and many teachers lack the skills and confidence to deliver them in schools. Our recent research suggests a majority of teachers struggle to find resources to teach about mental health and wellbeing, while identifying it as a prevalent issue children need to learn about.

The how

Businesses can sponsor our Understanding Mental Wellbeing course, offering it free of charge to schools and students across the UK. The course:

  • helps 14-to-16-year-olds develop a positive mindset,
  • normalises the discussion of mental health concerns,
  • reduces stigma around mental health, and
  • empowers students to help themselves and others.

Mental Wellbeing Course

Delivered online, this course uses film, scenario exercises, reflection questions, and quizzes to help young people explore and increase their understanding of key themes. These include how the brain works and the impact of stress, mental illness and trauma, maintaining and improving mental health, coping with unexpected events, and seeking and offering help. Before-and-after assessments help teachers measure how their students’ knowledge, understanding, and attitudes have changed after the course.

Teachers can deliver this course in classrooms anywhere in the country; organisations can offer it to schools in specific regions or scale it up to reach a larger number of students.

The impact

Students who have taken the course report that it improved their capacity for compassion, awareness of mental health challenges and habits, and provided them with tools to support themselves and others.

After the course, 67% learnt tools to recognise and cope with stress, 79% feel confident to find help, 70% understand how to support a friend, and 71% understand what a person with a mental disorder is going through

Support young people's mental health

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Watch the video:

Understanding Mental Wellbeing

‘It helped me become more comfortable with mental wellness and how mental illnesses or mental health situations are created and how to deal with them.’
‘I can apply the use of coping strategies and the signs of mental health in my daily life. For example, if I see a classmate who feels sad, depressed, and isolated, or if I experience a problem or frustration.’
98% of teachers have rated the content quality as Good or Very Good

Support community mental health

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