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Explore our current resources to see how EVERFI can support your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and empower your social impact for communities.

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Our digital platform offers interactive game-based lessons, created with teachers and linked to the National Curriculum.

Building kindness and empathy in pupils aged 7–9.

Building healthy relationships for a compassionate classroom, for students aged 9-11.

Helping students Aged 14-16 to develop a positive mindset.

Digital literacy for 11–14s, fostering wellbeing and safety online.

Creating sustainable change with 11–14s.

Empower students aged 14 -16 with knowledge about the fundamentals of Data Science.

Building a financial foundation with pupils aged 9–11.

Help students 11- 16 plan for their financial goals.

Preparing the financial future of students aged 14-18.

Driving measurable change in the financial capability of your customers, with courses from 11+ through to adults.

Inspiring students aged 11–14 with STEM careers.

Plants and Animals

Making sustainable choices with 11-14s

Answer the call. Engage your community today.


All of our courses are supported by our bespoke creative services, including marketing, PR, events, content development, competitions, research and evaluation.